Celebrating Women & 1 Year of Sharing Tibetan Superfoods (+ 15% Off)

Happy Spring, friends! 

As Portland bursts with color and farmers' markets come alive, Amza Superfoods has a double celebration this month.

Women Making Waves in Food

First, we're thrilled to have been featured on KXL morning news during “Women's History Month.” It's an honor to represent women in the food industry. You can listen to the 3-minute interview. 

One Year of Amza Superfoods

April 1st marks our first year in business! Building a startup hasn't been easy. Finding authentic Tibetan ingredients, navigating food regulations, and sourcing sustainable packaging presented challenges. These challenges remind me of my own heritage—the food I grew up with, Tibet’s philosophy, and our natural way of life in a distant land.

But the journey has been rewarding, allowing us to share the unique flavors and health benefits of Tibetan Tsamba (roasted purple barley flour) products and Flaxseed goodness with you.

Growing up in Tibet, Tsamba was a breakfast staple. It was enjoyed as a solid food, hot cereal, or even flaxseed paste layered into barley bread. Dipping the famous Rebgong sourdough bread in flaxseed oil is another popular breakfast. For a decade, I dreamt of finding these essentials in the US market. Now, we're making that dream a reality, offering them directly to you. 

The Power of Superfoods

Our functional foods, made with Purple Karma Barley and Brown Flaxseed that offer a heart-healthy and delicious way to nourish yourself.


Purple Karma Barley is an ancient grain rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. It offers health benefits like lower cholesterol, regulated blood sugar and promote feelings of fullness.

Flax seed butter

Organic flaxseed is rich in fiber, omega-3s, lignan, and antioxidants. It can lower cancer risk, improve heart health, and promote brain cell growth.

Celebrating with You (and a Discount)

To celebrate our first year, we're offering 15% off ALL online purchases from April 1st to 5th. Use code "April1" at checkout.

Thank You & How You Can Help

We sincerely thank you for making our first year so fulfilling. Here are some ways you can support us:

A Taste of Ancient Tibetan Energy in Every Bite

If you haven't tried our heart-healthy and tasty Tibetan superfoods, give us a try!

Tsamba Balls with Hazelnuts: A convenient and satisfying snack with a nutty, chocolaty flavor without added sugar or preservatives.

Flaxseed Spread with Dates: A delightful spread for toast, yogurt, fruit, dressings and smoothies.

Tsamba Breakfast Mix with Nuts & Dates: Fuel your morning with a fiber-rich, protein-packed mix without cooking or overnight soaking.


P.S. Stay tuned for bi-monthly newsletters featuring recipes, ingredient spotlights, special offers, and a peek into the exotic world of my Tibetan heritage.

We hope you'll find our newsletters informative, engaging, and perhaps even a brief escape to the beauty of the Tibetan plateau!

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