About Amza Superfoods

Hello, I'm Jolma, founder of Amza Superfoods, LLC. 

Amza Superfoods is an immigrant-owned, purpose-driven startup in Portland, Oregon, USA. We bring you nutritious, delicious snacks and breakfast foods that celebrate Tibetan culture. 

Jolma-Founder of Amza Superfoods

I was born and raised in Rebbong (རེབ་གོང་།), Amdo region of Tibet. Growing up in Rebgong, a cultural hub known for Tibetan arts (literature, painting & food), I learned cooking from my beloved late grandmother, Sonam, who raised me.

My grandmother was born a nomad and illiterate. Still, she understood the value of education and told me, "To discover the world, one must move beyond her own kitchen.

That conviction led me to become the 1st girl from my village to earn a college degree and my journey from Asia to Europe to America, learning English from the ABCs at age 30. 

Despite the challenges, I built a successful career as a Product User Experience Designer, led design reams & consulted with tech companies. But I enjoy making my kitchen utensils sing and dance and sharing my food and rich heritage with the people in my world more. 

I drafted a memoir cookbook sharing Tibet's healthy eating traditions to honor my grandma and disadvantaged Tibetan women like her. Each bite tells a unique story. I blog about it at Beyond Her Kitchen.

My cookbook project has now become a small but meaningful food business for me. 

What does "Amza Superfoods" mean? 

"Amza" is the phonetic spelling of "Amdo food." Amdo region is also the birthplace of the current Dalai Lama. The word "Superfoods" is meant to express the high quality of our products, which are from only 100% natural, nutrition-rich ingredients and ancient heirloom grains, such as Tibetan purple barley and brown flax seeds.

The food world is very diverse today. Sadly, everyday Tibetan staple foods are still unavailable in the US markets.

Our Mission

Our goal is to spread awareness about the health benefits of nutrient-rich Tibetan cuisine and integrate everyday Tibetan staples into the diverse culinary offerings.

We hope to have a positive impact on the health of our customers, the planet, and communities locally and in Tibet. 

Our products

Try our heart-healthy, wholesome, unique foods: 

Let's celebrate Tibetan culture through food and stories.

And thank you for riding along with me!