Are You Amza's First Gift Winner?

Hello, health-conscious friends,

The season of twinkling lights when hearts brim with goodwill and taste buds crave an extra touch of magic. At Amza Superfoods, we're weaving that enchantment into every bite, bowl, and, now, a delightful announcement!

Remember those "Nourishing Spirit" entries around our Portland Holiday Market & PSU Farmers Market booth? Like snowflakes catching the first rays of dawn, they sparkled with hope and vitality. And the champion has emerged.

Congratulations on this joyous news: Cathy P., you've claimed the prize!

You have won Amza's finest – Best Of Best Gift Pack. This prize is an ode to your radiant presence, a celebration of your commitment to good living with 4 healthy products.

Tibetan Tsampa balls with hazelnutsTibetan Tsampa Truffles with Dark Chocolate

  1. Unwrap a taste of the Himalayas with the handcrafted Tibetan Tsamba Balls with Oregon Hazelnuts.
  2. Savor the decadent bliss of the plant-based Tsamba Truffles with Dark Chocolate, each bite a symphony of rich cocoa and nutty crunch. 
  3. Elevate your breakfast routine with delicious, nutritious Flaxseed Spread/butter with Dates, a luxurious way to nourish your body.
  4. Add a touch of exotic heat to your meals with the Flaxseed Spread/butter with Chili & Turmeric

As we savored each entry, we were humbled by the vibrancy of your dreams. To claim your prize, grace our booth with your presence. 

We're at:

PSU Farmers Market (Downtown):
Saturdays, 9 AM – 2 PM

Beaverton Farmers Market: 
February – March, 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
April – November, 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Hollywood Farmers Market:
1st & 3rd Saturday, 9 AM – 1 PM (
Our event schedule)

Join us on social media (@AmzaSuperfoods), and let's explore the tasty, healthy Tibetan way for sustainable living and unique cultural experiences. 

Our draw continues in the New Year. It's our Flaxseed Butter Sampler Duo this timeStop by our booth to enter. 

Wishing you a very Happy Holidays with superfood love,

The Amza Superfoods Team
– Tasty, Healthy, The Tibetan Way

P.S. Looking for an elegant touch for your holiday gift or a last-minute gift for the person who has it all? Amza is here to help with gift cards! Use code Xmas15 for 15% off your entire purchase online. Spread the superfood love, and let health and happiness be your most cherished gifts.

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